Letting Go & Seeing What Happens

Sometimes I need to just slow down, embracing who I am and accept reality, wait what!? Yeah I said it. This year I struggled with my strategic planning. I kept thinking I need to do something bigger and better then past years. I want to see growth in my work and business, who doesn’t?!  I always have all these ideas floating around in my head and I was thinking “This is the year!” Back here in reality (the reality where I have not updated this blog since we found out we were pregnant with our son over 3 years ago). The reality where I am an art mom, which means this work is my part time job right now and momming/ housewifery my full time gig.  Once I started framing my goals that way I had no problem getting my strategic plan in place! After I calmed down and backed up a bit I decided to stick with what I know and love and play with it. So sparing you the boring details… this year I’m going to mostly focus on MUGS because that’s what I love to make and that what I sell the most of!!! Makes sense right?  That’s the great thing about goal setting! I decided with each batch of mugs I will allow myself to explore one or two new techniques, which is also very exciting for me.  I love to explore the endless possibilities of clay. This way I am growing and learning, allowing myself to be inspired while having simplified expectations. After coming to this conclusion it seem like a no-brainer.  I am also excited to announce that 10% of the online sales from these pieces go to Children in Crisis.  This is one more way I figured out to give my work more meaning and use joy as an act of revolution.

The first batch of pots was inspired by my situation; “Sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens” I’m sure some of you can relate.  Its a morning mantra mug! A great way to start the day, with tea, coffee or your morning elixir! I chose to screen print the text, a technique that I had tried a few years back but did not stick with. This time it as a lot of fun and I’m excited to use this process on more projects in the future.  It is great for combining my love of hand lettering with clay forms! If you’re interested in knowing more about screen printing on clay keep reading! Here is a little rundown of my process. Let me know if you have any questions.

I started this project with my journal and pencil.  Once I got the lettering how I wanted it I photo the piece and used it to create a vector file in inkscap that can be used to print the image onto transparency paper. I purchased screens from EZscreens, they have great directions if you decide you want to do a screen printing project. It took me a few tries to get the screen burned how I wanted, but that’s part of the learning process.

Then I was ready to screen print on clay with slip! The slip needs to be very thick almost dry to work.  If it has to much water in it, it will bleed and the text will be distorted. I also found just using my finger to spread the slip over the screen worked best!

After that it was business as usual bisque fire, apply glaze and glaze fire! I found the this process to be very rewarding and plan to use it on more project!  If you are interested in adding one of these morning mantra mugs to your daily ritual you can find them here in my Etsy Shop. And remember 10% of the online sales of these mug goes to Children in Crisis.  Joy as an act of revolution!  Let us, let go and see what happens!


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