Random Act of Beauty : No Fear of Depth

Whenever I create a collection of art work, there are always the pieces that do not live up to my expectation, the experimental pieces that turn out differently than I intend.  I never know what to do with these pieces.  For this collection, I decided to turn the less then perfect pieces from “No Fear of Depth” into “Random Acts of Beauty.” I have wanted to do a random acts of beauty project for awhile, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

There are many similar events and projects I participated in over the years that influenced this art action. In 2006, I accidentally stumbled across my first Letterbox.  It was the 
photo 2 most amazing experience.  I was at the Peace Pagoda in Grafton, NY wandering around.  I was at a transitional time in my life and I was out there looking for some answers, playing in the woods, stacking rock, when my eyes were drawn to a red rock at the base of a tree in front of a little hole.  I thought it looked a little out of place and had to investigate. What I found was a beautiful handmade stamp of the Pagoda and a new hobby that would take me on many exciting adventures with friends and family!

Since that experience, I wanted to do a random acts of beauty project. I rolled it around in my head many times but could never come up with the way I wanted to do it.  Then in October I watched the HBO documentary Banksy Does New York about his “residency.” It showed me a way I could create a social media component to such a project. This got the idea churning again.

Then I stumbled across the Facebook group Art Abandonment.  After joining the group, I began to get beautiful stories in my feed by crafters, makers, and people hiding and finding hidden works of handmade art and the positive impact in has on their life. I wanted to be part of that beauty.

As I turned the idea around in my head, I realized that this action would be more than just giving my art work to the community. It was a way to create a cultural event that brings awareness to arts in our area. It was also a way to share my favorite local spots with people and get them out on an adventure. Here is what happened:


This was an amazing process.  The NWF Daily News became interested in it and wrote a nice piece about the project. This helped bring more awareness and got more people involved. Everyone who I spoke with about it said they really enjoyed the hunt, even if they were not the first to find the piece, and many people found out about new places in their home town.  On the final day of the project which was also the opening reception of “No Fear of Depth” as I was hiding the 12 Random Act of Beauty I realized that unconsciously celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas. What a happy accident! Its is moments like that I am truly thankful for the arts.

If you enjoyed this project and would like to see more like it in the future, please consider supporting me with a donation.  You can donate online through Paypal or by sending a check to Full Circle Gallery 29 B Eglin Pkwy FWB, FL 32548. Supporting my work in this way will allow me to do more community oriented projects in the future. Thanks in advance!



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