Artist Statement

There has always been a strong force within me, pulling me towards the earth. My connection with the clay medium is the result of this pull. As a child I spent many hours playing next to streams, digging up clay and making small pinch pots and sculptures of imaginary creatures. Now I spend countless hours in the studio with the same passion. My skills are just more refined. My creation process always starts with a spark of inspiration. This prompt comes to me from many sources, including my life experiences, relationships with friends and family, and the time I spend outdoors. They subject of both my functional and sculptural work are influenced by the a tension between the national world and the civilized world.

Currently, I create at the Full Circle Gallery in Fort Walton Beach, FL, a space that I founded in 2008. The gallery is based on my vision for a center drawing together creative people and enriching the larger community. I thrive on the ebb and flow of individual ideas and enthusiasm sparked by grassroots community projects/ Furthermore, I feel satisfied when I empower people who do not think that they are artists or crafts-people to let go and find their creative voices. Whether it is through community art projects, sharing my ideas or teaching, I am always looking to engage with others through the shared experience of creating beauty every day.

Mercedes Rodgers
Full Circle Gallery Artist / Owner

29 B Eglin Pkwy SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

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