Mermaid Tea Party

Mermaid Tea Party

July 5 – August 2, 2014

Mercedes Rodgers & Sol Davis

Amavida is pleased to announce “Mermaid Tea Party”, an imaginative collaboration of artists Mercedes Rodgers and Sol Davis. What would an underwater tea party look like? Would you attend? Rodgers and Davis explore the whimsical possibilities of this in their latest collaborative creations. Drawing inspiration from mermaid mythology throughout various cultures, anime, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, “Mermaid Tea Party” tells the story of maritime festivity. Living on the Gulf Coast, both artists are intrigued by the depths and what might reside in places that cannot be seen. While on the surface many of the characters may seem carefree, there are also subtle hints at darkness from the depths. Rodgers’ pottery with Sol Monster Davis paintings create a unique deep sea experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

An unlikely pair, both painter and potter join forces to create collections that are innovative and cutting-edge, each artist bringing out the vibrancy of the other’s method. What makes their collaborations most intriguing is the way Davis’ and Rodgers’ individual strengths merge into a unified vision. Original in medium and technique, this duo works together to create fanciful collections in paint and clay.

Mercedes Rodgers
A conceptual artist and potter, Mercedes Rodgers’ work ranges from community-based art pieces to everyday functional pottery. Inspired by the influence Japanese culture has had on ceramic innovations, Rodgers’ work looks to the concept of Wabi-Sabi; the perfection of imperfection and beauty in everyday life. She wants to express her sense of wonder about the world. Her sculptures are a combination of wheel-thrown and hand-built techniques. Rodgers is always interested in examining form and function in her sculptural work. Her work pushes on the line drawn between utility and aesthetic.

Sol Davis
Sol Davis, a multi-media painter, derives inspiration from the Harajuku culture of the fashion district in Tokyo, Japan. His style contrasts precise lines and loose colors, creating intriguing and whimsical images. Using a process of wood-burning and oil wash, Davis transforms wood into visual masterpieces that are so full of vibrant detail, you will find new surprises each time you look at them.

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