No Fear of Depth


“No Fear of Depth”, Mercedes Rodgers’ latest whimsical adventure to the depths of the sea. “No Fear of Depth” is a mixed media exhibit featuring both two and three dimensional pieces. As they float on the wall or dance on the pedestal the visual movement of Rodgers’ static sculpture and painting is intriguing. The inspiration for this exhibit began with a quote by writer Anais Nin, “I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.” Drawing on the metaphor of being unafraid of depth, Rodgers has created a playful fantasy world rich with mermaids and other sea creatures engaging in creative activities.

A conceptual artist and potter, Mercedes Rodgers’ work ranges from community-based art pieces to everyday functional pottery. Inspired by the influence Japanese culture has had on ceramic innovations, Rodgers’ work looks to the concept of Wabi-Sabi; the perfection of imperfection and beauty in everyday life. She wants to express her sense of wonder about the world, and in this exhibit, her childhood enchantment with the sea. Rodgers adds, “For as long as I can remember I have had an affinity for the water. I think I could swim before I learned to walk, not a common thing for a landlocked girl from Kansas. I would take every opportunity to jump into a swimming hole and spent hours in the bath pretending I was a mermaid. As a woman I realize many people feel this pull to the water. The idea of fanciful sea creatures with such free spirits, so beautiful and uninhibited, mystifies us.”

There is a childlike freedom associated with mermaids and the mystery of what could be beneath the waves. From pottery to painting, each piece in “No Fear of Depth” challenges the viewer to return to innocence and shed their fear of the unknown.


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