PAC Bags

Today I tested the prototype of my recycled plastic collage messenger bag, I am calling PAC, by taking it on a bike ride.  During the  ride the bag stood up very well.  It was very comfortable and sturdy.  I carried about 5lbs of books and paper on a 7 mile ride without any trouble.  I think the design still need some aesthetic work, but its functionality and stability are under control.  I am excited to keep working on these bags and see where I can go with the imagery and design.

The technique I am using to make these bags is very interesting.  They are plastic collages that I melt together with an iron.  This method seems to make a very strong and visually striking material.  Then I take the collaged panels and sew them into the bag.  If you are interested in trying this project check it out  DIY Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag Pattern.

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