PAC Bags

Today I tested the prototype of my recycled plastic collage messenger bag, I am calling PAC, by taking it on a bike ride.  During the  ride the bag stood up very well.  It was very comfortable and sturdy.  I carried about 5lbs of books and paper on a 7 mile ride without any trouble.  I think the design still need some aesthetic work, but its functionality and stability are under control.  I am excited to keep working on these bags and see where I can go with the imagery and design.

The technique I am using to make these bags is very interesting.  They are plastic collages that I melt together with an iron.  This method seems to make a very strong and visually striking material.  Then I take the collaged panels and sew them into the bag.  If you are interested in trying this project check it out  DIY Recycled Plastic Messenger Bag Pattern.

A Session with Sol Davis in the Studio

Working with other artists has its way of enhancing and altering the way I look at things.  It allows me a brief glimpse through someone else’s eyes.  I spent sometime in the studio this weekend with Sol Davis working on collaborative projects for our show in June 2011.  I got to see the preliminary sketch he has started for our promo image (on right).  It blew me away.  We had discussed the imagery of a woman with a bird-cage as part of her, but he took it in a new and exciting direction that I was not expecting.  He chose to depict her body as a bird-cage instead of the skirt and his choice to incorporate the eggs were new to me.  This is what I really enjoy about the collaborative process.  Seeing someone take an idea that I have been turning around in my head and create something even more amazing.  It is so inspiring.

We were in the studio until the early hours of the morning working on our pieces.  Sol is a two-dimensional artist, he works primarily on wood, burning his lines into the surface and washing bring colors onto his images.  This was his first experience with clay.  I had made seven clay boxes for him to carve.  They shape of the boxes are very similar to the wood he usually works with.  It took him about 20 minuets of playing with the tools but he quickly figured it out.   As he carved his images into the box, I worked on a sculpture that is inspired by the figures from his paintings.

Second Panel of the SOS Security Blanket

Today I finished crocheting the second panel of the SOS Security Blanket together.  I have collected over 300 square since August of 2010 from people around the country.  It is very interesting process to fit the pieces of art created by others onto the quilt and see what comes out.


There are always so many projects to do in a day and so much inspiration to bask in.  I enjoy watching processes, the way things come together.  There is a beauty in the way objects and ideas are created.  In these posts I hope to share my creative process and bring beauty to every day.