Sol Davis inspires me to taking a closer look at color….

Working with artist Sol Davis on the “Reikan” exhibit has really got me thinking about color.  The subject matter we chose to concentrate on is one that I am very close to.  I find it very visually integrating and full of wonder.  After looking at the work for an extended period of time installed in the Full Circle Gallery I realize it is Sol’s color that really keeps my attention.  His pieces are so bright and vibrate.  The color evokes a scene of awe and wonder.  This feeling I get when I look at these colors and his ability to manipulate a color palette really make my my visual mind start ticking.  How do I, as an artist, approach color?

On more than one occasion since I opened the Full Circle Gallery I have been faced with the challenge of creating a color  palette for something or another. In these situations I found myself saying “I am not a colorist”.  As a potter I have spent years developing my forms, though the color is important, for me form has always come first.  After putting the “Reikan” exhibit together with Sol Davis I have decides to take a deeper look at what color means to me as a potter and an artist.

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