A Big Thanks

I want to take a moment to send a big thanks to everyone who helped out with the creation of the SOS Security Blanket and the reception on Friday, April 22, 2011.  This project could never happen with out the support of the community and all of you.  So here we go…Thanks Katie Grant from Snap Candy, your photos of the blanket are amazing and have been very helpful in the promotion of the project.  Thank you Holly Bain from ASAP Graphics for printing everything so quickly.  Thanks to April Wade and the gang at Anchor Screen Printing for all your help all the time.  Amy Likins of Cafe Organic for all the tasty treats from the Emerald Coast Organic Co-op and the good wine from Carolina Cigars on the Coast, thank you.

I greatly appreciate Laurel Siwicki’s artistic input and the invitation to speak to the students’ of Crestveiw High School.  Magdalena Bankovicova for the suggestion to hang the blanket from the ceiling, not on the wall.  Angel Agagas, Perri Panella, Jennifer Diaz, Neslihan Celik George thank you so much for keeping me inline and truly keep the Full Circle Gallery on track.   James Thomin for his continued support and encouragement with my endeavors.  I could not do it without you.   And finally everyone who created a square, the SOS Security Blanket would not exist with out you.

This project is a success and will continue to be because of all of you!  Please continue to spread the word about the blanket.  Let people know they can continue creating squares for at least two more years and if they want to do more they can make a secure donation here.    Thank you for helping me make the SOS Security Blanket a reality and for helping express the need for better uses for petroleum.  It is an amazing feeling to make art that makes a difference!

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